hello bloggie!
I wanna give you tutorial how to make DIY Galaxy Shirt! woohoo I'm so excited cause I've made my own galaxy shirt, and its Fabulous as fuck LOL 
You need:

A spray bottle
A black cotton shirt
Simply Spray Fabric Paint

First, fill your clean and empty spray bottle with a bit of bleach (I used an old Windex bottle). Then, spray the bleach onto your cotton shirt in strategic spots. When you have a splattering of bleach, wait for it to start working before you add more. Be careful not to add too much, because if the bleach pools for a long period of time, it can burn a hole through the cotton. Let your shirt dry in the sun and then put it through the washer. Let it dry again.

Next, you can take your Simply Spray fabric paint and lightly spray the edges of your bleached galaxy to give it some depth. If you don't want to buy the fabric paint, you can also use watered-down tie-dye in little spray bottles. It will give the same effect. 

And finally, here's my look! I'm wearing Forever21 polka baseball cap, My DIY galaxy shirt, Wrangler dark blue jeans, Gray Sand shoes.