The moment I become attached to a person it’s so hard to let go, and they are all important to me, but who am I to them? Am I this person who listen to their shits and say that everything’s going to be okay, give them advice about looking on the brighter side or am I this person to them who’s like me, just me, nothing more. How important am I to them? Maybe that’s the reason, I don’t feel important enough to feel important to them when I treat them so important. I can’t handle what things might happen to them and me, on what could happen to us.
Sometimes I feel like it’s okay for them to lose me but I can’t with them, I got so overly attached that I’m having issues of letting go and holding on, and I love them dearly like with all of my heart and I don’t feel exactly the same, that’s why I’m trying to distance myself for awhile, give some time to think about what’s all happening, why’s this happening.
Sometimes you have to realize that people will eventually leave you, come and go, in and out of your life, and you have to accept those facts even though they’re hard to, you just need to.
I’m so having these thoughts lately, I just keep on hiding them so that they won’t have to worry or if they even feel worried. It’s so hard to paint a smile on your face everyday just so that everyone will stop asking what the fuck is wrong when inside you’re being killed slowly. 
I just need some time to think, but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Ugh.
I’m typing/writing this right now, gathering my thoughts, thinking of the outcome, thinking of all the possibilities, thinking of the future.
And if you read all through out this post, I’d like to thank you for reading and putting up with my shit. It is gladly appreciated. And I hope you feel loved.

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